Webinar: What’s my value? Answering essential questions on F&B business valuations

Date: 30 November, 2021

Daniel Brody, co-founder & director, Eat Well Group

Lena Ludwig, principal, Vital Gains LLC 

Ann Perkins, founder & director, Perkier Foods

Shanaya Sorley, senior equity fundraising manager, Crowdcube 

Valuations are a hotly disputed talking point in the F&B sector, particularly considering the recent meteoric success of alt-protein IPOs like Beyond Meat and Oatly. Having to determine your valuation as a very young business can be daunting and disagreeing with investors on their suggestion is commonplace. With many factors to consider, this expert panel tackle key questions surrounding the topic. 

Talking points for the session: 

  • Determining your business’ worth for potential investors
  • How crowdfunding can influence your valuation process when launching a campaign
  • Are crowdfunding valuations particularly high?
  • How important are valuations to investors in early stage fundraising?
  • IPO vs private valuations 
  • How valuations play into M&A when seeking acquisitions 
  • When will the tidal wave of funding and seismic IPOs in the alt-protein sector break?