Liquid egg start-up Evo Foods gets new investor

Vegan venture capital VegInvest has joined Evo Foods’ mission to create an animal-free alternative to liquid egg 
Evo Foods embarks to create alternative to liquid egg
VegInvest managing director, Amy Trakinski.
Photo as seen on VegInvest website

VegInvest, the venture capital company supporting early-stage businesses striving to replace the use of animals, is the latest investor in Evo Foods, the Mumbai-based start-up developing an alternative to liquid egg.

VegInvest, led by Amy Trakinski as managing director, has invested in a portfolio of iconic alternative protein companies around the world including Mosa Meat, Wild Earth, Shiok Meats, and JUST, to name but a few.

The news comes on the heels of Evo Foods joining the fold of the US-Singapore VC company Big Idea Venture.

The start-up has embarked on the mission to provide consumers with clean and simple protein, produced sustainably and packed with nutritional values.

“To achieve this, we need mission-aligned capital from patient investors and VegInvest is the paragon of all these values we look for,” the start-up said on LinkedIn.