Green Boy produces plant-based, non-GMO, vegan and soy- and gluten-free ingredients sold to food manufacturers in the US and Europe
From left: Peter van Dijken, and Frederik Otten, Green Boy co-founders.
Photo as seen on Green Boy’s Facebook page

Non-GMO and organic plant-based food ingredients supplier Green Boy Group is opening an office in Sydney to supply the local food industry.

The company was founded by Peter van Dijken, and Frederik Otten in 2016, and today produces a range of plant-based ingredients. The latest product in the portfolio is Plant-Meat Protein, a trademarked ‘meat grade’ non-GMO functional plant-based protein powder, which the company says enhances mouthfeel, boosts nutritional properties, and enlarges the textured aspects in plant-based meat products.

Green Boy argues that older plant-based meat producers tend to use soy protein or wheat gluten as the basis of their protein building block, which has concerns of allergies. Others use ‘veggie’ meat products made from whey or casein protein, which is not plant-based. The Plant-Meat Protein range comprises four types of plant-based protein – pea, mung bean, fava bean, and chickpea.

Products are currently supplied to customers in North America and Europe. The company operates from offices in Los Angeles and Amsterdam.

The food industry uses Green Boy’s product in the production of plant-based meat such as plant-based burgers, nuggets and sausages, and also to produce textured plant-based proteins in the form of crisps or granules.

Green Boy Group co-founder Peter van Dijken said: “After a successful rollout of our Plant-Meat Protein in the US and EU market, our next step is introducing our functional plant-based proteins to the Asia-Pacific region – and Australia is a logical and strategically sound place to start.”

Alex Hutchison, who is leading the new venture, said: “In line with current and forecasted local consumer demand, Green Boy supplies the right kind of plant-based proteins that will accelerate the trend in producing a variety of food products that are rich in protein but without using soy, whey or casein protein.

“With Green Boy’s presence in Australia, local food manufactures now have easy access to the highest-quality plant-based proteins that are free from soy and other allergens, and not derived from animals.”

Frederik Otten, co-founder of Green Boy Group, added: “The goal of Green Boy Group is to keep expanding our role as a leading worldwide supplier of functional plant-based proteins, not only for nutritional drinks, snack bars and dairy-free food products, but especially for the plant-based meat industry. This is why we have been working so hard to further develop functional plant-based proteins with the apex of that in us launching Plant-Meat Protein last summer.”

Green Boy Group is opening the Sydney office in partnership with Eighteen Group.

Date published: 2 February 2021

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