US: Fermented Food Holdings acquires wildbrine and Bubbies

Company is actively seeking acquisitions of fermented food brands and other healthy food products
Image from wildbrine’s website

Miami-based food and beverage company Fermented Food Holdings (FFH) has acquired two brands in the fermented foods category: wildbrine and Bubbies.

Wildbrine, located in Santa Rosa, California, produces sauerkrauts. kimchi srirachas and salsas. Last year the company launched wildCREAMERY, a dairy alternative brand that uses fermentation to develop the cultures that flavour its plant-based alternatives, which include sour cream, cream cheese, dips and butters.

Wildbrine’s co-founder, Chris Glab said: “wildbrine has had many suitors over the years. FFH is the first that shares our values, our customer-oriented approach, and a commitment to our employees and culture. They share our focus on deliciously nutritious food for our consumers, and our belief in strong relationships with distributors and retailers.”

Bubbies Fine Foods, located in Ventura, California, produces naturally fermented dill pickles and other fermented and pickled products, such as bread and butter pickles, sauerkraut, relish and horseradish.

John Gray, former chief executive of Bubbies, said: “I am absolutely thrilled with this transaction. After spending 32 years building one of the premier brands in fermented foods, it is time to take the next step. The energy, smarts, and resources that FFH brings to Bubbies is very exciting for me and without question will take the company to new heights. I know that our fans, customers, retailers, and distributors will be eagerly anticipating great things to come from Bubbies’ kitchen.”

FFH’s co-founder Oliver Joost, formerly head of Kraft Heinz Ingredients, said: “We see a huge opportunity to bring together the operating disciplines of traditional CPG businesses with the passion and innovation of entrepreneurial teams, and a fresh approach to connecting with our consumers,. We learned from experience the absolute priority of establishing deep trust with retailers.”

Co-founder and former chief financial officer of PepsiCo Brazil, Marcelo Marim, added: “Ultimately, franchises are built by a capable and cohesive team that is backed by long-term patient capital to keep investing in growing a category leader and a strong, modern business franchise. We are owner-operators who build for the very long term.”

Taylor Farms, the large US fresh vegetable grower and processor is a minority equity investor in FFH. T Bruce Taylor, vice-president of organic for Taylor Farms, said: “We’re very excited to partner with the FFH team to support these great brands and help drive growth in the functional food category. We’re passionate about delivering great tasting and healthy foods to consumers across North America and we look forward to our work together.”

FFH stated it is looking to grow through internal product innovation and expanded distribution, as well as actively seeking acquisitions of fermented food brands and other healthy food products.

Bubbies Fine Foods
Image from Bubbies Fine Foods’ website