Jellatech is developing collagen and gelatine analogues to combat environmental impact of meat industry 
Jellatech CEO Stephanie Michelsen was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 last month

Publicly-listed investment vehicle CULT Food Science has added cell-based collagen and gelatine start-up Jellatech to its roster of cellular agriculture investments. 

Jellatech operates a proprietary process to create sustainable substitutes for key supplementary and binding ingredients collagen and gelatine for use in food, cosmetics and medication. 

Traditionally, both ingredients are by-products of meat production and contribute to the industry’s significant environmental damage.

Leading foodtech VCs Sustainable Food Ventures, Big Idea Ventures and Capital V are also investors in Jellatech. 

The start-up recently completed the development of its lab and operational headquarters in its home state of North Carolina.

CULT Food Science president Lejjy Gafour said of the investment: “As Jellatech’s alternatives to collagen and gelatine are not derived from animals, substantially similar versions of certain food products normally containing these ingredients, such as marshmallows and broth, could also be made for people who cannot consume the traditional version of these products for dietary, religious or other reasons.  

“We are incredibly excited about our strategic funding of Jellatech and we see enormous opportunities in the commercialisation of animal-free collagen and gelatine globally,” Gafour added. 

Jellatech CEO Stephanie Michelsen said: “We will work together to explore potential synergies between our scientific teams and other possible collaborations. This is an enormously exciting time for us at Jellatech and we are proud to have a new partner in CULT Food Science.” 

The start-up also announced the resignation of board member Matthew Roma. 

CULT Food Science commenced trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange in January.

Date published: 3 February 2022

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