The company has started a full-plant overhaul without disruption to current operations

Richardson International, Canada’s largest agribusiness, said it’s deploying significant investment at its oat mill facility in Bedford, England. The company seeks to expand the site and increase capacity by upwards of 35%. This latest investment will improve upon all operational aspects of the plant, from intake and warehousing capabilities to logistics and distribution.

The company claims the full overhaul of the site footprint will result in greater operational efficiencies, modernisation, and enhanced storage capacity.

“The global oats segment is thriving as shifting consumer behaviours drive market growth,” said Benoit Soucy, vice-president, milling operations, at Richardson International. “A significant investment such as this will enable us to fulfil the incremental demand of our customers as we continue to efficiently meet current requirements and anticipate their evolving needs.”

When completed, the Bedford mill will boast a high-speed receiving system, providing a fast and effective means for inbound oats delivery.

Extensive modernisation of the plant will significantly increase storage capacity and ensure efficiencies in production and processing capabilities.

In addition, the site will include a new expanded warehouse to allow for improved transportation and logistical functions. These specifics and other features of the multi-phase project will allow the plant to rapidly meet an ever-growing demand for oats and oat-based products.

“The growth demand for our oat products has consistently increased through the years and we are committed to taking the business to a higher level,” said plant director Carl Smith.

Construction will begin later this spring with no anticipated disruption to current operations and is expected to be completed in 2025.

“We are incredibly excited by our new plans,” said David Jordan, board director at Richardson Milling UK. “Consumer interest in healthy oat products continues to grow and we see this as a great opportunity to supply existing and new customers with quality oat products.”

Date published: 8 April 2021

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