Plant-based ice cream maker in Leeds has joined the portfolio of Mobeus Equity Partners
Man holding three pots of Northern Bloc ice cream
Photo as seen on Northern Bloc’s Instagram feed

Ice cream brand Northern Bloc has received a seven-figure investment from London-based Mobeus Equity Partners. The Leeds-based start-up said the cash injection comes as a direct result of the success of its market-leading vegan range.

Directors Josh Lee and Dirk Mischendahl co-founded Northern Bloc in 2014. The brand defines itself as an ice cream alchemist and that its focus is on flavour. “That means if it doesn’t taste absolutely amazing, it won’t go in our pots,” reads a statement on the company website.

The brand also argues to be relentless in the quest for perfection. “We tried at least ten versions of our vegan chocolate and orange blossom ice cream before we were happy with it. That’s why we know you’ll be happy with it, too,” the statement continues.

Northern Bloc has secured distribution in the retail sector, with listings in Waitrose, Co-Op, and Morrison’s. Consumers also find the brand in theatres, arts venues and tourist attractions across the UK.

When the lockdown hit and many of these venues closed, the brand shifted its focus further towards retail, while maintaining support for its key out-of-home customers.

Last year also saw Northern Bloc become the first ice cream brand in the UK to introduce fully sustainable packaging, removing the plastic coating on its paper tubs to a fully recyclable, compostable alternative.

“The appetite for sustainable eating has jumped forward five years, in the space of just one,” said Mischendahl. “The result of our actions on the planet became very real in 2020, both in terms of the origin of the [Covid-19] pandemic and the positive changes made to the environment during the global lockdown. Plant-based is no longer a dietary requirement, it’s fast becoming a way of life, and Northern Bloc is proud to be at the forefront of bold, innovative, amazing tasting products which suit this revolution.”

Northern Bloc will invest the funding in increasing its production capacity, strengthening the team and focusing on brand experience across retail and out-of-home sectors.

The Mobeus deal team comprised Jane Reoch, investment director, and Amaad Mahmood, investment executive. Paul Keen, former chief executive officer of ETC Venues, will join the board as a non-executive director.

Date published: 19 January 2021

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