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SavorEat: 3D-printed food ready to eat

Samples of 3D-printed burgers by SavorEat

SavorEat is an Israeli start-up making waves in the 3D-printed food space. The company secured $4.75 million in seed investment to go ahead with a pilot unit to be installed at Burgus Burger Bar, the Israeli burger chain, next year.

Based in Ness Ziona in central Israel, SavorEat was founded in 2018 by serial biotech entrepreneur Racheli Vizman, SavorEat’s chief executive, Ido Braslavsky and Oded Shoseyov, SavorEat’s scientific director and inventor of the technology. 

SavorEat’s technology uses proprietary plant-based cellulose combined with other ingredients such as plant-based fats and protein to create a final, cooked product through a 3D printing process.

Vizman explains that SavorEat has created a binder, which is proprietary plant-based, gluten-free cellulose. “The cellulose is combined with other ingredients such as plant-based fats, protein, taste and flavour to make a fully cooked burger.”

SavorEat has entered the market with a business-to-business model, targeting food manufacturers, catering companies, restaurants and hotels, and institutional kitchens.

“Once we get additional resources to develop additional products, we might be able to offer to consumers a home appliance, but we’re not there yet,” Vizman concludes.

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