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Switzerland: Cultured meat accelerator launched to boost European innovation

Givaudan partners with Bühler and Migros to establish The Cultured Food Innovation Hub in European innovation hotbed Kemptthal
The Valley in Kemptthal
Source: Bühler

European flavours and fragrances giant Givaudan has partnered with Bühler and Migros to launch lab-grown meat accelerator The Cultured Food Innovation Hub (TCFIH), to provide services and funding to companies working in the field.

Swiss-company Bühler manufactures equipment for processing foods while Migros is the country’s largest retailer, operating forty supermarkets globally.

The new company, wholly owned by the three parties, will be headquartered in The Valley in the Swiss tech innovation hub of Kemptthal.

TCFIH will invest in start-ups developing processes or products that are driving the development of cultured meat, fish and seafood, or precision fermentation.

Members will gain access to an R&D lab equipped with cell culture and bio fermentation capabilities.

Ian Roberts, chief technology officer at Bühler, said of the partnership: “Cellular agriculture offers a solution in several areas from reducing land use and water, to animal welfare, to the safety and quality of the food chain.

“The three partners in this new venture are each committed to sustainability as individual companies; the combined effort enables the journey to a more sustainable food system,” Roberts added.

Fabio Campanile, Givaudan’s global head of science and technology, taste & wellbeing, said: “Bühler contributes with industry leading solutions that are used in the scale-up and production of thousands of food products around the world; Givaudan brings in centuries of experience and knowledge in every aspect of taste, including all kinds of meat alternatives, and deep expertise in biotechnology, to product development; Migros is known for its competence in customer interaction and market cultivation. The combination of the three partners is remarkable.”

The Cultured Food Innovation Hub will go live in 2022.

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