The milk alternative brand has secured a foothold in the North American market through its distribution partner Ethical Brands
Sproud pea mil product range

Sproud, a Swedish start-up producing pea milk, has officially launched in the US and Canada, the company revealed on its website. NutritionInvestor understands the move follows a partnership with plant-based food company Ethical Brands.

“Sproud is about being loud and proud and bringing people together,” said Maria Tegman, global brand director of Sproud. “We are excited to now expand upon our European efforts and bring together people in North America who are as passionate about plant-based alternatives and sustainability as we are.”

Headquartered in Malmö, Sproud uses the goodness in yellow peas, a type of bean grown extensively in the south of Sweden, to produce a milk alternative that is sustainably sourced and high in protein.

Sproud has taken to the North American market its entire product line, which comprises four varieties in 1-litre packs: original, unsweetened, chocolate, and barista. Sproud said the latter is made from a professional formula developed for and by baristas.

The pea-protein milk comes in distinctive, eco-friendly packaging that stands out from its competitors, and products are free from dairy, soy, nuts, or gluten and are also non-GMO.

The start-up claims that the taste of its products consistently mimics traditional dairy, making it perfect for use with coffee, tea, oatmeal, and any other milk-based preparation.

It also claims that products have five times the protein of almond milk and three times the protein of oat milk per serving.

“Sproud is sustainable and at the forefront of carbon footprint reduction,” says the company in a statement. “[Products are] made from the remarkable pea, which uses less water than traditional dairy or almonds, and has an impressive 365-day shelf life.”

The company also explains that this eco-friendly product does not need to be refrigerated during its journey from production to store shelves, reducing the typical refrigerated product’s carbon footprint by a third and significantly reducing unnecessary waste.

“We are eager for consumers in the US and Canada to taste our delicious pea-protein milk and to disrupt the alternative milk category by offering something more sustainable and planet-friendly,” said Tegman.

As part of Sproud’s North American launch, the brand will leverage its relationship with brand ambassadors Robin Arzón, Gaz Oakley, and Alexandra Andersson.

Date published: 13 August 2020

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