Sustainable food start-up Urgent enters the market

The new company has been formed by the founders of microflora-based dairy start-up Perfect Day and a former product development executive at Glanbia 
Urgent Company Brave Robot ice cream brand product range
Photo as seen on the BraveRobot website

Urgent is a new start-up, which has entered the market with the mission to offer sustainably produced food to consumers. NutritionInvestor understands the company has been set up by the founders of Perfect Day, the food tech company making dairy products from microflora fermentation, and Paul Kollesoff. Until April this year, Kollesoff worked as vice-president of product strategy at Glanbia Nutritionals, according to his LinkedIn profile.

“We are in the business of using science, engineering, technology, social awareness and some common sense, to create safe, natural, healthy and delicious consumer products which support a more verdant planet,” reads the mission statement on the Urgent company website.

Urgent will be making animal-free dairy products and BraveRobot is its first brand. The first product has already hit shelves in California, where the company is based. BraveRobot ice cream is listed in 31 stores and it is also sold online on the company website.

BraveRobot ice cream is made with Perfect Day’s whey protein, and thus the product is vegan, but the company is cautious to warn consumers who have a milk protein allergy.

The ice cream comes in a range of eight flavours, from the traditional vanilla up to the exotic raspberry white truffle and blueberry pie.

The Urgent Company website hints the development of more consumer food products. “Everyone is part of the solution. Which means every diet and desire needs to be part of the solution. We’re looking at what makes the foods we love great, and figuring out how to make them without all the industrial era systems that are doing more harm than good,” reads a statement.

The launch of Urgent with the backing of Perfect Day the direction the food-tech start-up is taking following the expansion of its Series C funding round to $300 million earlier this month following a second tranche led by a $50 million injection from the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s investment group Thematic Investing.

NutritionInvestor has requested an interview and further details to Urgent Company, and this publication is awaiting confirmation to report.

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