The challenger coffee brand is the brainchild of two experienced baristas
Solo Coffee Concentrate on display

Challenger brand Solo has launched a liquid coffee concentrate in the UK market. Dubbed ‘squash for adults’, the newcomer offers consumers espresso-strength cold brew coffee using a Brazilian and Colombian blend with a medium roast profile. Solo Coffee Concentrate is the brainchild of baristas Alex Foss Sims and Theo Garcia.

“Our new coffee concentrate is the first of its kind and tastes better than any instant coffee available on the market,” said Garcia. “We’ve made sure to use only the best blend of beans to ensure it has the best flavour profile possible.”

Garcia argued that it’s easy enough to find a promising bag of coffee beans, but it then takes lots of skill to brew it to perfection, even at a good café the quality seems to be hit and miss. “That’s when we decided to make it our mission to make great coffee more accessible.”

The duo of entrepreneurs spent years working as baristas in some of the UK’s finest coffee shops winning multiple industry-respected awards. The pair launched Solo in 2018 after seeing a gap in the market to create a perfectly brewed, speciality grade coffee that was convenient, accessible to all and versatile.

The versatile and cost-effective cold brew coffee can be used to make several drinks and even desserts by adding water or milk.

Photo as seen on Solo Coffee’s Facebook page

Garcia adds: “While we are hugely passionate about coffee itself, we feel our true love for coffee is found in its use and its effect. Coffee makes us focussed, dynamic and energetic. Characteristics that enable productivity and creativity.”

He argued that modern coffee companies are notoriously non-inclusive, with lots of jargon and snobbery. “As a modern coffee company ourselves, we feel that it is our right to avoid talking varietals, altitudes and terroir. We don’t feel the need to celebrate just the coffee, we want to also celebrate what it allows us to do.”

Solo Coffee Concentrate comes in a 1L Tetra Pak containing 40 shots of cold brew espresso. Unlike a lot of coffee products, it contains no sugars, is vegan friendly, and 100% arabica. The company claims it also creates the perfect foam with no foaming agents.

Date published: 12 November 2020

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