Small Giants launches insect-based snacks

A London-based snacking start-up, Small Giants uses cricket flour as a sustainable source of protein

Small Giants, a London-based snacks company, has launched bite-sized savoury crackers made with cricket flour, a sustainable source of protein, which the founders claim “are a great way to eat insects without the yuck-factor”.

The company was founded by Edoardo Imparto and Francesco Majno who became interested in insects while travelling in Thailand. They say they want to make consumers aware of the benefits of insect-based snacking to the planet and people’s health.

Majno said: “Small Giant Crackers are the best way to try insects for the first time – and fall in love with them. While people are starting to understand the reasons to include edible insects in their diet, they may be put off by the yuck-factor, but once people try our revolutionary snacks they love the taste and the taboo is broken.”

Marketed as Small Giants Crackers, the snacks are made with 15% cricket flour which brings an umami taste and a boost of vitamin B12. Its other ingredients are 100% natural and extra virgin olive oil and wheat flour provide fibre, texture and crunchiness. 

The crackers are oven-baked and products are available in three flavours: tomato & oregano, turmeric & smoked paprika and rosemary & thyme, served in 40g packs.

Sustainable alternative protein

Small Giants contend that crickets offer a viable sustainable source of protein as they require a fraction of the water, land, feed and energy required to produce the equivalent protein from other sources.

With more than 20% protein content, the snacks are a natural source of complete protein containing the whole spectrum of amino acids.

Majno continued: “As attitudes towards edible insects are changing, we want to bring excitement, innovation and new consumers to the savoury snacks market which has seen little change in recent years.

The Small Giants co-founder highlighted that its products are planet-positive insect-enriched snacks that taste great. “[Small Giants Crackers offer a genuine alternative to those wanting to cut their consumption of animal-based foods and find an alternative source of protein,” he concluded.

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