Urban Tiller’s promise of delivering fresh produce within eight hours of harvest is attracting investors to its ongoing investment round
Jolene Lum, Urban Tiller chief executive

Urban Tiller, a Singaporean farm-to-table agtech startup, has received backing from Carbon Graphite in its pre-seed investment round. This ongoing investment round, open for subscription until the end of May, has also attracted other high-profile individual and corporate investors in Singapore.

Launched in September last year, Urban Tiller’s vision closely aligns with Singapore’s 30by3o vision of locally producing at least 30% of Singapore’s nutritional needs. By connecting Singaporean farms directly to households, restaurants and supermarkets, Urban Tiller fills a key gap in the Singaporean farm-to-table landscape.

“This investment from such high-quality investors is further validation of our business model and gives us even more motivation to continue serving our customers with the widest assortment of fresh vegetables,” said Urban Tiller chief executive Jolene Lum. “We are not just about fresh vegetables, we are about fresh and healthy lifestyles.”

Urban Tiller’s promise of delivering fresh produce within eight hours of harvest is fast creating a new appreciation of locally grown vegetables among consumers and generating better value for Singapore’s urban farmers.

The start-up is operating in two cities (Singapore and Hyderabad, India), and claims to be growing rapidly month-on-month. Urban Tillers aims to expand to 10 more cities in the Asia-Pacific region in the next two years.

Arjun Ayyagari, Urban Tillers co-founder said: “We are building one of the most sophisticated urban farm-to-table platforms in the world and this new investment will help us further develop our tech-enabled GMD platform, deepen our expertise in controlled environment farming, offer better product traceability to customers and help us scale fast.”

Urban Tiller’s integrated grow-move-delight (GMD) business stack, combined with an e-commerce business model allows for demand-driven vegetable farming in urban and suburban high-tech farms and delivery to customers within eight hours of harvest.

The company is also working with more than 15 farms in Singapore, helping them reach customers directly and also investing in production.

Urban Tiller is a portfolio company of RENERGii Ventures, a Singaporean venture studio building disruptive, next-gen agrifoodtech start-ups in Singapore based on circular economy principles.

Date published: 10 May 2021

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