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Wicked Foods CEO Pete Speranza on the UK plant-based favourite’s US strategy

How Wicked’s exclusive Tesco partnership will help it to capture US consumers and why variety ...

Aníbal Montes | WM Partners

Private Equity powerhouse on its recent acquisition of functional foods business Vega and why top ...
3 months
Food corporation

Lauren Rodriguez | ZX Ventures

Investment principal Lauren Rodriguez explains how AB InBev taps into the future of food
6 months

Wayne Wu | VMG Partners

The general partner of VMG on building iconic consumer brands

Pae Wu | SOSV IndieBio

The chief technical officer of IndieBio on funding start-ups that can create new sectors
7 months

Lauren Abda | Branchfood

Abda discusses valuation multiples in the sector and addressing the funding gap

Maha Tahiri: Guiding today’s foodtech innovators

The doctor of nutrition nods to foodtech and argues consumers are the mission
8 months

Kristen Rocca | Unovis Asset Management

The senior associate of the venture capital firm that invests in the alternative protein space ...
8 months

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US: California Cultured raises seed funding for cocoa tech

Davis, California-based foodtech company California Cultured has raised $ 2.2 million in a seed round ...

European Parliament backs clearer nutritional labelling and significant food waste targets in new proposal

Farm to Fork Strategy also pledges to clean up farming practices by reducing fertilizer and ...

Biftek CEO: Cultured meat will become mainstream in the next four years

Cultured meat growth supplement business is in talks with major meat manufacturers in Spain, Germany ...

Israel: Redefine Meat hires CPG veterans to lead European expansion

Foodtech start-up taps Strauss Group and own advisory board for industry talent to drive ambitious ...

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