Early-stage company in Switzerland is disrupting the drinking water market with top-of-the-line hydration solutions

By Murielle Gonzalez

Be WTR product display
Photo as seen on Be WTR’s Facebook page

Be WTR, an early-stage company in Lausanne, has secured $3 million investment from Israeli venture capital fund PeakBridge, Nadav Berger, the co-founder and managing partner of the investment firm has revealed. The Swiss company is PeakBridge’s fifth investment and the first in Switzerland.

Berger explained: “Be WTR provides an improved, more sustainable, drinking water by upgrading the local tap water, thus making it far more convenient for people to optimise their health by drinking the suggested two litres a day.”

Be WTR uses top of the line Brita water filters and design dispensers to provide chilled and sparkling water on demand. The company also offers a range of smart accessories.

“And this is just the beginning,” said Berger. “Be WTR’s R&D team is innovating around improved water hydration and increased water functionalities through the use of new, patented technology.”

Mike Hecker founded Be WTR in 2018. He is an entrepreneur with vast experience in establishing leading brands and new product categories globally.

Hecker worked at Trellis, a food intelligence service with proprietary technology designed to improve profitability and growth of agrifood business through AI-powered predictions on agriculture produce and live food supply optimisation.

Be WTR is an early-stage start-up with a global footprint. In Sweden, it collaborates with Initiativ Utö, an initiative that seeks to restore the marine environment in the Baltic Sea.

In Finland, Be WTR has partnered with the John Nurmisen Foundation to also protect the Baltic Sea and its heritage.

In Denmark, Be WTR is committed to Green Kayak, an environmental NGO with the aim to reduce the amount of waste in the aquatic environment.

Date published: 15 December 2020

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