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The party’s just starting for alcohol-free spirits

Richard Horwell of marketing agency Brand Relations on the opportunity for innovation and investment in ...
11 months

Clean energy for our bodies

Jason Ryder, chief technology officer of Joywell Foods, on making healthy choices
1 year

Patents in the wake of cultured meat development

Alec Griffiths from Patent Seekers sheds light on some of the key players in the ...
1 year

How patents unlock trends in the alternative protein market

A closer look at the type of innovation and the companies leading the way

Venture debt on the rise

Bryce Bewley from Horizon Technology Finance on the momentum in venture debt financing
1 year

iPS cells: The missing ingredient in cultivated meat

Richard Freeman from Roslin Technologies on addressing sensory and welfare concerns of cultivated meat
1 year

Brexit bites back

Oghma Partners' Mark Lynch says Brexit's systemic rather than teething problems damage UK food exports
1 year

UK foodservice’s meteoric online rise set to continue

Ryan Whittaker from GlobalData, offers his view on the outlook for the UK foodservice industry ...

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