New Life Cuisine brand has been designed to meet four consumer preferences: low-carb, high protein, meatless and gluten-free
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New brand Life Cuisine delivers “delicious and satisfying meal solutions from gluten-free to high-protein”, says Nestlé

Life Cuisine is the latest launch by Nestlé USA in the ready-made meal segment. The company said the new offering enters the market to fit evolving definitions of wellness.

“Eating well is no longer ‘one-size-fits-all,’ so our offerings can’t be either,” said John Carmichael, President, Nestlé Foods Division. “As needs evolve and expand, our team of culinary experts and nutritionists works in lockstep to deliver contemporary meals made for these emerging food lifestyles, from gluten-free to meatless and beyond.” 

The Life Cuisine line has been designed to meet the dietary requirements of four consumer preferences: low-carb, high protein, meatless and gluten-free. 

The range includes 15 recipes featuring cauliflower-crust pizzas and sous vide egg bites made with protein, vegetables and whole grains. 

Consumers can choose from a variety of options offering a full cup of vegetables, two or more essential nutrients, high protein, high fibre and more.

Modern ways of eating

Nestlé​’s Lean Cuisine has also been revamped with new, under 400 calorie recipes boasting 10 grams of fat or less. 

The bowl format plays a key part in Nestlé’s effort to align with the current consumer trends, and the new Lean Cuisine Bowls line is a testament to that. The range comprises 18 dishes of best-selling recipes, and Nestlé said bowls come “with 20% more ounces of food compared to similar previous offerings in the tray format”. The range also features five brand new recipes.

The Cuisine range overhaul is yet another move by the food giant to respond to trends shifting food consumption towards healthier choices. Last January, Nestlé completed the divestment of its US ice cream business for $4 billion to Froneri, a joint venture Nestlé created in 2016 with PAI Partners.

The Swiss company has also divested its US chocolate portfolio to Ferrero in a $2.8 billion deal.

Nestlé is also focused on expanding its coffee portfolio and gaining a foothold in the plant-based segment. In China, Nestlé has rolled out a CHF 100 million ($103 million) investment to strengthen its pet food production and build its first production facility in Asia for plant-based products.

Date published: 19 May 2020

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