IM HealthScience is a medical foods company based in Florida, producing a range of products under the IBgard, FDgard, Fiber Choice, and REMfresh brands
Fiber Choice product range
Photo as seen on Fiber Choice’s website

Nestlé Health Science prepares to acquire IM HealthScience, a Florida-based business producing medical foods and supplements under the IBgard, FDgard, Fiber Choice, and REMfresh brands.

Greg Behar, chief executive of Nestlé Health Science, explained: “The IMH products offer proven and trusted solutions for the dietary management of specific digestive problems as well as a separate solution for regulating sleep.

“IMH’s dedication to developing products to address overall health and wellness by bringing cutting-edge life science and world-class research fits perfectly with our mission of empowering healthier lives through nutrition.”

IMH’s IBgard and FDgard brands are deemed a pioneer in the management of irritable bowel syndrome and functional dyspepsia, respectively.

In 2017, IMH expanded its portfolio by acquiring Fiber Choice, a line of prebiotic fibres.

IMH’s portfolio is complete with REMfresh, a continuous release-and-absorption melatonin supplement for sleep.

“Science, patents and meaningful differentiation has enabled our company to grow at several times faster than the market,” said Fred Hassan, chairman and founder of IM HealthScience.

Hassan claimed that IBgard, FDgard, and Fiber Choice have become the number one recommended by gastroenterologists in their own segments, and REMfresh is the number one sleep aid recommended by sleep specialists.

“The high repeat purchase rates of our four brands attest to the high patient satisfaction,” said Hassan. “We are glad that our brands have helped millions and now, under Nestlé Health Science’s able hand, millions more will benefit around the world. We are confident that under the dynamic leadership of Greg Behar, our products will keep thriving and growing.”

IBgard, FDgard, Fiber Choice and REMfresh are available for purchase online and at retailers in the US and Canada.

Date published: 18 August 2020

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