The site can produce 8,000 tons of plant-based food annually to supply foodservice and retail with Nestlé’s new Harvest Gourmet brand
Nestle Malaysia investment

Nestlé today inaugurated a halal-certified production site for plant-based burgers, schnitzels, mince and more in Shah Alam, Malaysia, with the capacity to produce 8,000 tons of plant-based food a year to supply foodservice and retail with its new Harvest Gourmet brand.

Harvest Gourmet has agreed deals to supply global and regional restaurant chains including Element Fresh in China, KyoChon in Malaysia and Carl’s Jr in Singapore. It will also supply retail, starting in China with Tmall and Hema.

Nestlé said it has invested strongly in Asia to support growing interest in plant-based proteins, including another production facility in Tianjin, China. It added it has around 300 R&D scientists, engineers, and product developers around the world researching and developing plant-based products in centres in Singapore, Beijing and Manesar in India.

Chris Johnson, Nestlé chief executive for Asia, Oceania and Africa, said: “We’re really going ‘beyond the bun’ to capture local tastes and convince people to try plant-based options. We believe that the more people embrace plant-based food, the better for them and the planet. That’s why we are at the forefront of this shift and investing for the future.”

Thomas Hauser, head of global product and technology development at Nestlé, added: “We are continuously exploring new technologies and recipes to deliver a wide range of great-tasting, nutritious, and sustainable plant-based products for both our retail and out-of-home business. Our local innovation capabilities in Asia enable us to accelerate the innovation of outstanding plant-based alternatives that Asian consumers love.”

Tahira Shiraz-Longden, vice-president, food – Nestlé Professional (Asia, Oceania and Africa), commented: “With over 40% of consumers in Asia choosing to eat less or no meat in their diet, the demand for plant-based foods is no longer a food trend, it is a social shift. Whether it is motivated by personal health or for a more sustainable planet, we are excited to bring our plant-based knowledge and expertise to this region and adapt to local tastes. We are confident that with its sensational tastes and textures, Harvest Gourmet will make the region fall in love with plant-based food.”

Date published: 7 April 2021

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