The German personalised nutrition start-up has received research contract as part of the MeDiCo-Health project, an EIT Food-funded initiative

By Murielle Gonzalez

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German start-up Loewi, a portfolio company of HTGF, has received a research contract to investigate the connection between nutritional deficiency and virus infection. The assignment is part of the MeDiCo-Health project, an initiative that was selected by EIT Food’s Covid-19 innovation fund.

The MeDiCo-Health project was formed by the personalised nutrition company together with the Technical University of Munich and the University of Turin.

Professor Thomas Skurk, head of the Core Facility Human Studies at the Technical University of Munich, said the collaboration between the Technical University of Munich and Loewi offers a number of advantages from a nutritional medicine point of view. “On the one hand, we benefit from Loewi’s know-how in matters of personalised nutrients, on the other hand, we use the existing logistics. This allows us to focus entirely on scientific evaluation.”

Skurk explained that the three organisations can jointly analyse potential nutrient deficiencies in Covid-19 to develop solution concepts.

Personalised nutrition in Covid-19 patients

The research will take place in Italy and in Germany with teams dedicated to determine whether a deficiency in micronutrients such as zinc, selenium and vitamin D has a connection with the severity of the disease in Covid-19 patients.

The aim is to also test tailored supplementation in placebo-controlled studies to see if it can improve outcomes.

Dr Silvia Kolossa, head of scientific affairs at Loewi, explained: “As a TUM spin-off, Loewi would like to continue to make a contribution to nutritional research, of course also in connection with Covid-19. We hope that our study will provide us with new insights into nutrition and [the virus] to prevent or mitigate to be able to contribute to the course of the disease.”

Covid-19 antibody test from Loewi

Loewi, a scientific spin-off of the Technical University of Munich, uses diagnostic blood parameters and patient data to generate a personalised supplement regimen and dietary advice, monetising it through subscription. Its blood analysis technology allowed the company to develop a Covid-19 antibody test before the official research assignment landed on its desk.

The team was able to contribute to the containment of the virus and include an antibody test in its offer.

LOEWI personalised nutrition platform
Photo as seen on the company website

“When the extent of Corona became clear to us, we all agreed that in these times of crisis we would like to use our resources to help contain the virus as quickly as possible,” said Adrian Kapsalis, founder and managing director of Loewi.

Loewi noted that thanks to the already existing cooperation with a German specialist laboratory and existing structures, the company was able to offer a reliable blood analysis, the Covid-19 antibody test, online within a very short time, which can be carried out from home.

Date published: 15 December 2020

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