Company in Detroit is backed by established food entrepreneurs, including Daina Trout from Health-Ade, Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick from Sugarfina, and Hayden Slater from Pressed Juicery

By Murielle Gonzalez

Uprising Superfood Cube product display
Photo as seen on the company website

US-based Uprising, the maker of keto-friendly bread dubbed ‘superfood cube’, has raised $1.25 million in funding. The venture capital round was led by Trousdale Ventures and Nick Brien, a former chief executive for Dentsu Aegis. The company, a gut health champion, also received financial support from food and drink entrepreneurs including Hayden Slater from Pressed Juicery, Daina Trout from Health-Ade, and Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick from Sugarfina.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Uprising has gained traction with consumers by offering a subscription-based delivery of baked products.

The company said its mission is to reinvent food for the masses by serving the 117 million people suffering from chronic diseases related to poor nutrition and the debilitating side effects of poor gut health.

To achieve its goal, Uprising plans to disrupt the $137 billion food staple market by producing familiar foods baked in entirely new ways, incorporating patented-pending methods combined with secret recipes and artisan techniques handed down over generations tracing back to Italy, to transform whole food ingredients.

Founders with CPG food experience

Kate Schumacher and brother William, a former P&G executive, founded Uprising in March last year together with Blue Oven Bakery founders, Mark and Sara Frommeyer. They claim to use clean ingredients in their recipes and that products are made without grains, denatured oils or preservatives – products are keto and paleo-friendly, high in fibre and protein.

The company describes its flagship product as one that “works like a supplement, looks like a perfectly square loaf of bread, and yet tastes like sourdough”.

Launched in 2019, the ‘superfood cube’ has gained nearly one-thousand five-star customer ratings. Uprising claims customers in the waiting list stand-by for nearly three months for their first delivery.

New range hit the shelves

Uprising also announced the launch of ‘superfood chips’. The product line comes in two fibre and nutrient-rich varieties – Sea Salt and Savory Rye. Both varieties are baked with nutrition-rich ingredients like almonds, flaxseed, egg whites, apple cider vinegar, MCT oil and olive oil, and are designed to foster gut-health, help lower bad cholesterol, tackle blood sugar issues and reduce cravings.

Alongside the new launch, Uprising secures distribution throughout Michigan with shelf space across 35 selected Meijer supercentres.

The brand’s recent expansion with Meijer marks a departure from its previous direct-to-consumer strategy.

Uprising’s co-founder Schumacher said: “Our move into retail puts us one step closer to our mission of providing reinvented, reformulated nutrition to the masses in the form of healthy, supplement-like superfoods. We’re excited to partner with Meijer in this important next step for Uprising.”

Daina Trout of Health-Ade of Health-Ade said: “Uprising is a rockstar company taking on the bread, chip and broader food staple category, which are ripe for disruption.”

Trout argued that Uprising is producing foods that are foundational to a healthy lifestyle and feeling good long-term, but above all, taste good.

Date published: 7 January 2021

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