Study concluded that bars infused with a blend of adaptogens could improve sleep quality and relieve stress
myAir and Gamin wearables

myAir, which develops botanical formulations based on consumers’ stress profile and cognitive needs to create foodstuffs that reduce stress, has teamed up with Garmin Wearables which tracks users’ metrics to measure their stress levels.

myAir stated it used that data, with additional psychological data, to create customised plant-based nutrition bars to help users find stress relief.

In a study, myAir issued Garmin activity trackers to participants to monitor their sleep duration, sleep quality and stress levels. After wearing the device to establish baseline measurements, participants were then monitored with consistent daily consumption of myAir’s botanically-infused nutrition bars.

The study was led by Dr Gil Lewitus from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, who concluded that the myAir functional bars improved 73% of participants’ anxiety scores and 84% of participants’ sleep quality. In addition, 54% of participants experienced an increase in their sleep duration and 64% experienced an increase in deep sleep duration, as measured by the Garmin devices. The study concluded that bars infused with a blend of adaptogens could improve sleep quality and relieve stress.

myAir co-founder Dovev Goldstein, said: “We’ve been using Garmin devices to track stress, sleep, and activities for a long time. This experience has led us to choose Garmin devices as the most accessible and accurate means to use in large-scale experiments and to reach trusted results.”

Last year myAir rasied $2 million in pre-seed investment from Tel-Aviv University Ventures, iAngels VC, and Entrée Capital.

Garmin is headquartered in Switzerland.

Date published: 22 February 2021

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