Israel: Cultured meat company changes brand

Nasdaq-listed MeaTech 3D has changed its name to Steakholder Foods
Steakholder Foods

Rehovot-based cultured meat company MeaTech 3D has changed its brand to Steakholder Foods.

From 2019, the company began develop the technology and scientific processes to produce whole cuts of meat sustainably using aningimal cell cultivation and 3D bioprinting. Its initial activities focused on steak and becoming the first Nasdaq-listed cultured meat company.

Today, the company’s 3D bioprinting technology can print whole cuts of meat with precision at an industrial scale to create any ratio of muscle tissue and fat marbling without damaging cell viability.

Last December, it printed the largest ever cultured steak at 3.67 ounce and was recently granted its first patent for systems and methods that enhance muscle fibre formation to develop high-quality meat.

Arik Kaufman, Steakholder Foods’ chief executive, said: “As Steakholder Foods, our hope is to send a strong message to meat lovers around the globe that together we can and should create a world where people everywhere continue enjoying their favourite meat sustainably for the health and welfare of the planet and all its inhabitants.”