Venture capital review platform to launch in the UK

Landscape, a new website for entrepreneurs to review venture capital and accelerator companies, is gearing up for launch upon completion of 500 reviews
Landscape review site for venture capital is due for launch in the UK

Landscape, an online platform for reviewing venture capital and accelerator companies in the UK, is set for private beta launch soon. The website has been recruiting partners and sharing review snippets on its account on Twitter.

The site will operate in the same fashion as Glassdoor, the review portal for people to review their former employers. At Landscape, entrepreneurs, founders and start-ups employees will be able to submit anonymous reviews about venture capital and equity growth companies they have worked with previously.

“‍We want to increase fairness, accessibility and transparency in fundraising,” reads a statement on the Landscape website.

The initiative claims that through the anonymous reviews, entrepreneurs and founders will be able to discover the right investors for their business. “Our support community and educational content [are] here to help you build meaningful investment relationships.”

NutritionInvestor has reached out to Landscape, but the company has not yet replied to press enquiries.

Good for transparency

London-based Talis Capital is among the early adopters. Vasile Foca, co-founder and managing partner, told NutritionInvestor that Talis first heard about Landscape from its Twitter feed. “Someone we follow had followed them,” he said.

Talis has signed up and became a verified partner.

Talis Capital is a venture capital investment firm that invests strategically in early-stage technology companies with global potential. The company has made over $600 million worth of transactions since 2009 and the portfolio includes Darktrace, Onfido, iwoca, Pirate Studios, Luminance, Threads, and Oh My Green. In the food-tech space, Talis has invested in Garten, Ynsect, Artemis, and Cygnet.

“From our point of view, the benefits of partnering with Landscape are numerous,” said Foca. “It’ll be fantastic for us to learn about ourselves – what our strengths are, and any possible areas for improvement – and hopefully our positive reviews will broaden the pool of founders that we meet.”

Foca commented that Landscape will provide founders with a holistic view of a whole range of experiences with any VC that they’re looking at.

“VC recommendations have been reliant on word of mouth for a long time, and traditionally, getting feedback from an investor’s existing portfolio is a manual and long-winded process,” said Foca.

“Using Landscape, founders will be able to immediately see a broad range of feedback from founders at all stages – who both received investment, and who didn’t – and they can make decisions quickly based on this,” he added.

Valuable feedback

Foca argued that it feels like the right time for a platform like Landscape to launch. He explained: “We’re living in an era where individuals and corporations across all sectors are being called out for poor behaviour – and, equally, companies who operate ethically are being celebrated.”

The industry has responded to Landscape positively. “There’s a real appetite for increased transparency in venture capital, from investors and founders,” said Foca. “We’re excited to be a part of the movement.”

For Foca, there has been a significant shift in the venture capital market, which has served as a fertile ground for Landscape to take off. “Before, VC funds got to call the shots as they were holding the cheque book – however, capital is not a scarce resource anymore,” he said.

In the current settings, founders make the decisions on which VC they partner with based on what value and support they can provide beyond the size of the check. For Foca, this demonstrates a need for this kind of transparency. “Landscape enables founders to establish which partners can really deliver additional value for them,” he concluded.

The Good Food Fund‘s Ascension Ventures, Zoopla investor Episode 1, and 7percent Ventures have also signed up as a verified partner.

Landscape has announced that Emma Sinclair MBE and Eamonn Carey, managing director of Techstars have joined the Advisory Board.

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