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708Take Two Foods Barley Milk. Photo as seen on Instagram

US-based Take Two Foods, a plant-based drink manufacturer based in Oregon, entered the market this year and its purpose has been summarised in one sentence: “To create second chances for our health and our planet.”

Take Two Foods launched Barely Milk, a range of vegan milk alternative made from rejuvenated barley, the ancient grain and superfood with countless health benefits.

Rejuvenated barley comes from spent grain, the by-product of the beer brewing process.

Take Two Foods said it partnered with Anheuser-Busch – a brewing company part of AB InBev – to help tackle the billion-pound by-product that results from the manufacturing process each year.

The start-up argues that billions of pounds of spent grain are produced each year by the global beer industry and 95% goes to waste or used to feed livestock. Take Two Foods wants to change that by turning the spent grain into a powerhouse, nutrient-rich plant-based drink.

The nutritional profile of Barley Milk, Take Two claims, is superior to that of dairy milk. The product contains complete protein – the nine essential amino acids – fibre, calcium, and good fats. When it comes to calcium, a glass of barley milk (236 ml) contains 50% more calcium than a glass of dairy milk and at least five grams of complete protein.

Take Two Foods made headlines in June as the start-up secured shelf space at 25 locations in the US, including grocery stores, coffee shops, and cafes across the Pacific Northwest and Los Angeles. The company plans to expand its retail and foodservice distribution nationwide by autumn 2020.

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Date published: 6 July 2020

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