Austria: 3D-printed seafood producer Revo raises €1.5m to begin sales

Austrian start-up Revo Foods is the world’s first company to make salmon products by bioprinting plant-based ingredients
Revo Foods produces salmon pieces by bioprinting plant-based ingredients

Revo Foods, the maker of plant-based seafood products through a 3D bioprinting process, has raised €1.5 million in its first-ever funding round. Hazelpond Capital, Friends2Grow, and MKO Holdings participated in the round, as well as Jens Schumann and Eva Sommer, former co-founder and chief product officer of Peace of Meat, the cell-based fat producer that was acquired by 3D-printed food company MeaTech.

Revo Foods is the world’s first start-up to apply 3D-bioprinting technology in the making of plant-based seafood. It entered the market last year as Legendary Vish, but the company rebranded in February.

Revo Foods hosted a tasting event in Vienna last month. Co-founder and chief executive Robin Simsa told NutritionInvestor the customer feedback was positive. “We received fantastic feedback, and all participants were extremely pleasantly surprised about the good taste of our products.”

Simsa also told NutritionInvestor that the €1.5 million will be used to purchase a food truck and install several 3D food printers on the vehicle to begin direct-to-consumer sales.

“We plan to start sales at the end of the summer,” said Simsa, adding work is under way to hit the shelves. “We have already secured connections with retailers from most European countries,” he said.

Revo’s product line comprises 3D-printed plant-based salmon in different flavours – Asian and Mediterranean style. The focus is on products that can be consumed cold and on the go. The company is also working on producing a range of salmon fillet.

Other investors that joined Revo’s funding round are the Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Vienna Business Agency.