The partnership will give the Canadian venture fund access to Nielsen’s retail data to support its investment decisions
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Nielsen Canada has joined forces with District Ventures, the Canadian venture capital fund headed by investor and television personality Arlene Dickinson. The venture capital firm invests in the food and drink, and health and wellness sectors.

As part of the deal, the venture capital firm will gain access to Nielsen’s retail universe in support of its investment decisions and its portfolio clients will have access to retail measurement, consumer data and innovation services to help facilitate data-driven decisions.

Today, the Canadian consumer packaged goods (CPG) market is worth $87.4 billion and growing at a rate of 8% annually. Understanding the CPG industry and environment is crucial to make the best decisions for growth and economic value creation.

“District Ventures portfolio companies are on the cutting edge of Canada’s CPG space, and with access to Nielsen’s deep consumer insight and comprehensive data, they will be able to innovate, scale and sell even more quickly than they do right now,” said Dickinson. She argued this strategic alliance is beneficial for entrepreneurs, for District Ventures, and for Canada’s entire CPG entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Data-driven insight

This alliance will empower District Ventures and its portfolio companies to make bold decisions and transform their businesses with trusted data, solutions and insights designed to drive progress.

With groundbreaking technology, Nielsen provides a truly complete picture of the complex and changing Canadian marketplace that manufacturers need to innovate and grow their businesses.

“We’re thrilled to be providing support and leadership to District Ventures’ ecosystem and the District Ventures Accelerator Program,” said Richard Lee, vice-president of strategic alliances, North America at Nielsen.

“Having access to Nielsen’s robust data assets will allow these entrepreneurial clients to better understand sales, demographic trends and consumer preferences to help develop, manufacture, market, distribute and scale their products for the Canadian marketplace,” he added.

Date published: 6 October 2020

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