Real Food Blends provides access to specialised nutrition to people with feeding tubes and their families, at home or on the go
Product display of Real Blend Foods
Photo as seen on the Facebook page of Real Blend Foods

Nutricia, a Danone company focused on specialised nutrition, has announced the acquisition of Real Food Blends, a manufacturer of real meals formulated to deliver nutrition to people with feeding tubes. Real Food Blends was founded in 2012 by Julie and Tony Bombacino, who were inspired by their young tube-fed son and a belief that we all deserve real food.

Armed with determination and their love for their son, the Bombacinos spent years in research and development to create Real Food Blends.

Real Food Blends is the only company that focuses solely on real-food products in the more than $1 billion US tube-feeding market.

Nutricia and Real Food Blends share a deep commitment to bringing life-changing, and lifesaving, nutrition solutions to people in need, including children and adults with feeding tubes, and their families.

“After millions of meals sold, the Real Food Blends portfolio still utilises simple, real ingredients and 100% real food,” said the Bombacinos. “We found in Nutricia a trusted, like-minded, and experienced company that will continue to innovate, support and introduce blended meals to nourish people in need.”

Nutricia has been committed to transforming lives through the power of nutrition for more than 120 years. With brands such as Neocate, Phenylade, Pro-Stat and KetoCal, Nutricia positively impacts the health and lives of thousands of infants, children, and adults (and their families) in the US and Canada every year.

“We are excited to continue to grow the Real Food Blends mission and portfolio, to bring even more unique and nutritious options to children and adults with feeding tubes,” said Robert Schnurr, chief executive of Nutricia North America.

Schnurr explained that Nutricia understands the critical role that food can play in improving the lives of people with special medical conditions. “We are committed to preserving and building on what has made Real Food Blends so valued in the lives of the people who rely on their products, and their families.”

Both Julie and Tony Bombacino will remain with the company in their current roles of chief executive and president respectively.

Date published: 22 October 2020

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