Santiago-based start-up completes formulation in 90 days powered by proprietary AI engine that blends plant nutrition with biochemistry and biotechnology
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The Live Green Co., a Chilean foodtech start-up that produces food made with 100% natural and functional ingredients, has hit the market with a range of plant-based ice cream made only with plants. The range will soon be available nationwide at Jumbo, the largest supermarket chain in the country.

The formulation of the new ice cream range was put together using artificial intelligence (AI) and all ingredients are plant-based – fruit, seeds, and vegetables.

The range comprises three flavours – chocolate chips, chocolate with almond, and berries, each of which come in 100% compostable and biodegradable containers.

Founded by Priyanka Srinivas in 2018, The Live Green aims to build a better society through entrepreneurship and healthy eating. The company partners with local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for sourcing, production, logistics, and distribution while its team focuses on building the technology, marketing and sales.

Srinivas said: “We are an inclusive brand, and encourage people to take simple steps while we do the hard work and give them 360° green solutions – product, production and packaging – without compromising on taste. We are building our technology, Charaka, to be able to share this know-how globally and create a greater reach and impact.”

AI-powered formulation

While most plant-based ice cream on the market use chemical ingredients to achieve the texture, colour and flavour of the traditional frozen dairy product, The Live Green Co.’s ice cream range uses natural ingredients like avocados, bananas and sunflower seeds.

These ingredients were used in place of synthetic additives to act as emulsifiers, food stabilisers and anti-freezing agents, as shown in the picture.

Charaka, the AI-powered engine that the company uses for formulating its food recipies, uses machine learning to blend plant nutrition with biochemistry and biotechnology. The outcome is a natural alternative for different types of foods.

Currently, Live Green’s product line comprises plant-based burgers, pancake mixes and the recently added ice cream range.

Srinivas told NutritionInvestor that the next step is to launch a business-to-business model and make Charaka available to food corporations in the coming years.

The Live Green Co. is backed by top international start-up accelerators, including Start-Up Chile, Parallel18 from Puerto Rico’s government, and ProVeg in Germany, as well as four global investment firms.

Date published: 3 February 2021

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