BevUSA acquires nootropic drink Nerd

Nerd Beverage Corporation is a mental acuity drink company with a formulation based on nootropics and performance-boosting nutrients
Nerd Focus nootropic drink
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Beverage USA Holdings (BevUSA) has acquired Nerd Beverage Corporation, a mental acuity drink company based in Texas, whose flagship product, Nerd Focus, is a functional drink designed to enhance focus, concentration, memory and energy with a formulation based on nootropics and performance-boosting nutrients.

Launched in Texas in 2006, Nerd introduced Nerd Focus as the first functional drink of its kind to hit the market, and it is now available in more than 800 retailers and online.

Four years after its launch, the nootropic drink brand recorded more than $1 million in annual sales.

The company was founded by Vin Montes, a young college student trying to get into medical school. “I formulated Nerd Focus to help me study, focus and stay alert in class,” he said.

Montes joined forces with his biochemistry professor and developed a formula designed to help students focus, stay alert and have more mental acuity.

Nerd Focus contains a selection of nootropics (Alpha-GPC, Huperzine-A, GABA, DMAE) and adaptogens (Gingko Biloba) creating a proprietary formula aimed to aid mental acuity for college students, health care professionals, and gamers.

The start-up paved the way in the functional drink industry, which as a whole, is predicted to be worth $208 billion by 2024.

Nerd Focus under new ownership

“The loyalty to this brand is unlike any other I have seen in my career, making our team at Beverage USA eager to join the movement,” said Howard Davner, president of BevUSA. “We knew Nerd Focus was truly something special after hearing how passionate the consumers were about the product and understanding their dedication to following the brand.”

BevUSA said its growth and market strategy for Nerd is to increase its market reach. The brand will expand to Las Vegas by the year-end as the first step to eventual global expansion.

The company also plans to hit $7-10 million in projected revenue by the year 2022 and establish partnerships and sponsorships in areas where nootropic drinks are sought-after, such as e-sports and gaming, extreme sports, music and entertainment, fashion and streetwear.

Nerd is also set to build brand equity through product, packaging, image and associations.

“We plan to specifically target cities with booming colleges and universities as we continue our expansion,” said Davner. “After seeing the brand explode at the University of Texas, we know there is a need for students and other high-demanding professionals to refocus their mental and physical energy.”

The BevUSA leadership team has more than 100 years of combined experience in the beverage, distribution, e-commerce, logistics and finance industries.

BevUSA said it continues to evaluate potential partners to expand its strategy for a nationwide footprint.

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