Alt-protein ETF launches investment index 

VegTech aims to make high-growth public companies more accessible and drive capital to the sector 
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VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index launched

VegTech Invest, founder of the first plant-based innovation and climate ETF (exchange traded fund) has established an investment index focusing on large-, mid- and small-cap companies contributing to developing a sustainable food supply chain. 

Distribution across the VegTech Plant-based Innovation & Alternative Proteins Index is provided by financial services giant Morningstar. It is listed on Morningstar and Bloomberg.

The index offers exposure to companies developing technology and products that will contribute to a more sustainable and efficient food supply chain, particularly those working with alternative proteins. 

Companies featured within the index span consumer packaged goods, ingredients, biotech and agtech sectors. 

Index Classification Committee member Dr Sasha Goodman said of the launch: “[This] index represents an underweighted sector of the capital markets that has experienced surprisingly high revenue growth over the last several years. 

“Few in the financial world are taking note of the long-term impact of this sector,” Dr Goodman added. 

VegTech advisor Elysabeth Alfano told NutritionInvestor the index was aiming to drive capital to companies that are innovating with plants for sustainable food production.