ADM Ventures chooses Seventures for microbiome-focused investments

The venture capital arm of the food processing and commodities giant has joined Seventure’s Health For Life Capital Fund II
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ADM Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of ADM, has joined Seventure’s Health For Life Capital (HFLC) Fund II. Based in Paris, the fund invests in health, nutrition, microbiota and digital health.

Darren Streiler, managing director of ADM Ventures, said the company sees Seventure as the premier investor in microbiome start-ups focused on human health and nutrition. Since 2018, ADM has worked closely with the Seventure team to identify opportunities with microbiome solutions that can ultimately help with dietary supplements and food and drinks applications to serve as functional or proactive solutions.

Streiler explained: “We believe Seventure can help meet the long-term demand we see as the result of the convergence of food and pharmaceuticals and consumers looking more towards bioactives and nutrition for wellness solutions.”

The microbiome consists of trillions of micro-organisms that reside on or inside the human body. ADM’s primary interest is the vast, complex bacterial ecosystem that lives within the digestive tract and constitutes the majority of every individual’s unique microbiome.

Streiler continued: “With a better understanding of how the microbiome ecosystem works, we can develop functional ingredients for dietary supplements and food and beverage solutions targeted to help improve overall health.”

He said ADM is focused on looking at new, innovative solutions that can lead to a more balanced bacterial system in your digestive tract, otherwise known as a healthy gut, and can help lead to better health.

ADM is committed to discovering and leveraging nutritional ingredients that can be used for preventative health, as well as for treating common ailments or even chronic diseases in both humans and animals.

The company’s new probiotics production facility in Valencia, Spain – which will significantly increase its post- and prebiotic production capacity – is planned to be online in 2022.