The Israeli food-tech company seeks to ensure its 3D-printed meat offers the same satisfying flavours, aromas and mouthfeel of a real steak
3D-printed food
Photo as seen on Redefine Meat website

Redefine Meat, an Israeli start-up producing 3D-printed meat, has teamed up with Swiss flavours and fragrance company Givaudan – SWX: GIVN – to accelerate product development. The companies have joined forces to make sure products offer the same satisfying flavours, aromas and eating experience of real meat.

Operating out of Rehovot, a city located 20 kilometres south of Tel Aviv, Redefine Meat aims to commercialise a range of animal-free meat alternatives using natural and sustainable ingredients.

At Redefine Meat, R&D work is focused on creating products with a 95% smaller environmental impact, no cholesterol and at a price point that is more affordable compared with animal meat.

“Our technology combines proprietary 3D meat modelling, food formulations and food printing technology to deliver a new category of complex-matrix ‘meat’ in a cost-effective and scalable way,” the company explained in a statement.

3D-printed meat

Redefine Meat 3D-printer. Photo as seen on the company website

Adam Lahav and Eshchar Ben-Shitrit founded the business in 2018. They had met while developing digital printers at HP.

The founders joined forces and created custom 3D printers to replicate meat by printing layers of ingredients substitutes to the blood, muscle and fat of real meat.

The start-up has already attracted investors in the alternative protein space. CPT Capital, an early investor in Beyond Meat, led a seed funding round that closed last September totalling $6 million. Hanaco and PHW Group also participated in the round.

Givaudan is the latest partner to join Redefine Meat’s journey to market. The start-up has been working with chefs, butchers, food technologists, and taste experts to recreate the texture and mouthfeel of steaks.

Redefine Meat is gearing up for testing the printers at restaurants later this year. The company wants to ramp up production for distribution in 2021.

Date published: 6 July 2020

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